When prospective parents look at different childcare facilities (daycares, camps, etc.) several factors influence their decision.  Among these factors, the most important are education, safety, cleanliness & of course overall healthiness.

We all know how messy kids can be, and that childcare facilities can be a habitat swarming with all types of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.  Let’s face it – kids are really good at spreading germs!

Ordinary cleaning products and systems do not always keep kids from getting sick.  According to the CDC, “each year, in the United States, on average 36,000 people die from flu-related complications and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related causes. Of those hospitalized, 20,000 are children younger than 5 years old.”

When kids get sick, often the parents cannot take off work to take care of their sick children.  The sickness is brought into the facility and then employees, administrators, and other children are then exposed to the illness.  Furthermore, when employees get sick, they take sick days and the child care provider hurts from employee absenteeism.

Even if the parents are able to stay home from work to take care of them…many times, the rest of the family gets the illness.  This quickly becomes a bad time for everyone involved!

Luckily, GreenShield Solutions has the remedy. You can now take a different approach to managing the healthiness of your childcare facility.

Long-Lasting, Preventative Antimicrobial Treatment

GreenShield Solutions is here to help you eliminate bacterial & viral infections in your homes and businesses.  Now you can have all the major contact areas of your facility treated with a durable, water-based coating that keeps germs from growing on surfaces!  With just one treatment, all the surfaces remain germ-free for weeks!  Say goodbye to the H1N1 and MRSA threats!

Our patented XMICROBE Technology is an eco-friendly co-polymer registered with the EPA and approved by the USDA. As microorganisms are attracted to & land onto treated surfaces, they are eliminated on impact; thus cleaning the air over time.  Since the germs are killed mechanically, instead of chemically, they cannot build up resistance to the product.  With just one treatment, the surfaces you touch and the air you breathe are continuously cleaned and purified for months.

Contact Us today for information on how you can keep kids, parents, and employees happy and healthy!

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