Support Local Farmers’ Markets

Local food markets take pride in providing the freshest, most nutritious foods in town!  A great way to find the best natural home-grown foods is to partner with a local organic farm, in whats called a CSA Program.

Community Supported Agriculture, (CSA), allows non-farming members of the community to invest in a ‘share’ of the crops yielded during that growing season.  In return, the ‘investors’ receive weekly fresh produce.

Consumers benefit from eating extremely fresh & healthy food, learning about new types of produce and different farming techniques, visiting the farm, among others.  The farmers benefit with an increased amount of cash flow and by meeting with the consumers face-to-face.

Sounds great, huh?  Keep in mind that participating in a CSA Program is not for everyone.  Consumers who buy shares for a CSA Program, are most likely sharing risk.  If the growing season falls short, then you’re out of luck.  If the season is plentiful however, then you share in the rewards.

I can just taste those sweet potatoes now…mmm.

To find a CSA Program near you, visit Local Harvest

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