What’s Lurking Among Us?

Germs are all around us.  You can’t see them, but they are there.  On the things we touch, in the air we breathe, and in the water we drink.  Some are good & some are bad.  How can you tell?  Chances are, unless you’re a microbiologist…you can’t!

Sometimes germs cause illness, which is the reason why most people take measures to kill, resist, or fight microorganisms; actions like cleaning, staying in good shape, and taking cold medicine.

There’s a new way to protect yourself from germs.  The solution is better than your current cleaning program, because it doesn’t consist of poisonous chemical cleaners.  It’s also a proactive, preventative approach.

You can now have your indoor environment analyzed by the IASQCertified GreenShield Tech Experts.  New, proven methods are available to keep yourself healthier.

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